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7-Step HRV Maintenance Schedule

With routine preventative maintenance, you can avoid unnecessary problems, ensure the effectiveness of your HRV, and prolong its life.

For additional specific instructions, refer to your HRV operating manual or ask the contractor who installed or services the HRV to demonstrate the proper maintenance procedures.

1. Clean or replace air filters. Filters, which are located within the HRV should be cleaned every two to three months. Washable filters should be vacuumed first, then washed with a mild soap and water. Most washable filters will last several years before needing to be replaced.

2. Clear the exterior intake and exhaust vents of obstructions. Check the outside vents regularly to ensure that the screen openings are not obstructed by grass, bushes, leaves, snow or other debris.

3. Clean the heat-exchange core. Inspect the heat-exchange core twice a year and clean it as required (consult your owner’s manual for instructions on inspecting and cleaning the core). A build-up of dust and dirt can restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your HRV. After inspection and cleaning, make sure the core is replaced right-side-up.

4. Clean the condensate drain and pan. Twice a year, check the condensate drain (and tubing to ensure that they are open and free-flowing. The tubing can be disconnected for cleaning. The condensate drain must have a “trap” in the tubing that traps a quantity of water – to prevent air from entering the HRV via this tubing.

5. Service the fans. The fans on many HRVs are designed to operate continuously without lubrication. Inspect the blower fans periodically for dirt on the blades, and remove it by gently brushing the blades or using a vacuum cleaner.

6. Clean the grilles and inspect the ductwork. Clean the duct grilles when they are dusty . At least once a year, visually inspect the ductwork leading to and from the HRV. Damaged ducts can lead to condensation problems, including wet insulation, water on the floor and, ice build-up. If the insulation itself is damaged.

7. Arrange for an annual servicing. Your HRV should undergo annual general servicing by a certified contractor and who is familiar with your HRV.

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