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Easy but Effective Home Staging Tips

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

There are many things you need to as homeowner when you are trying to sell it. The most important among this is to prepare your home before listing. Your aim should be to create a create impression on potential buyers so that they are encouraged to make good offers. Here are some very good tips to make your home look beautiful, big, and inviting to the visitors during staging.

Begin with cleaning

The biggest impression that you can make on the visitors is through a house that is sparkling clean. This cleaning should cover everything from floors and the walls to carpets, furniture, and furnishings. Do not forget to clean the fireplace also. Clean the windows so that the visitors do not spot any dirt or dust on the glass. It also helps in increasing the natural light inside your home.

Get rid of clutter

If you are trying to sell the house when still living in it, make sure that you can remove most of the furniture and other items that make your rooms look smaller than they actually are. Rooms packed with furniture not only look small but also leave little room for imagination for the visitors. Pack and move all items that you can live without for a while.

Go for a paint job

The smell and appeal of freshly painted house is unmatched and very inviting. Go for bright and vibrant colors and use different shades of the same color in adjacent areas to highlight features of your house. Painting of a house is quick and inexpensive and it helps in creating a warm and vibrant look that looks very attractive to the potential buyers.

Set up the place

Put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer. He comes over in search for his dream home. You have to think according to his perspective to create the scene inside your house. Place logs in the fireplace, decorate the dining table with cutlery and flowers, and place newspaper and magazines on the centre table to create a beautiful living atmosphere. Pay special attention to your bathroom and kitchen to make them look clean, organized, and appealing to eyes. Add new shower curtains, dry towels, and new soaps inside the bathroom to make it look inviting. Your aim should be to capture his imagination so that he envisions living inside your home along with his family. And yes, do not forget to spray room fresheners and burn scented candles to make the ambience alluring and inviting.

Clean and beautify the area approaching the entrance

Many owners work hard to clean their homes from inside but forget or ignore the area outside the entrance of their house. You will be surprised to know that many visitors have more or less made up their minds about buying a property even before setting foot inside. The trick lies in creating a great impression on them by making the approach clean and beautiful. Remove the dead leaves, trim the hedges, place pots with flowering plants, and place a new doormat in front of the entrance.

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