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Spring Clean!!

The majority of us would love to keep our homes sparking all through the year; however, some areas of the home require thorough periodic or annual cleaning that spring cleaning affords. “Spring cleaning” refers to a thorough cleaning of a house or room – often done in spring or as the seasons change. As the weather begins to warm up and we begin to anticipate summer in Manitoba, it is the perfect time to conduct a thorough cleaning of our homes and get rid of dirt that may be lurking around since fall or your last major cleaning. Mark your calendar for your next spring cleaning!

While some prefer to contract the cleaning to vendors, it is possible to have professional results on your own. The cleaning can be batched over a few days or weeks so that you do not become overwhelmed. 

Here are a few of our tips and tricks to spring clean your home!

Cleaning Products

Use of specially home-made, non-toxic, healthy cleaning materials that will not only ensure a beautiful result but also ensure the preservation of the quality of your wares is highly recommended for your spring cleaning. Ensure to carefully select the materials that you use if you are doing the cleaning for yourself. If you’re using a cleaning vendor, you can also confirm with your vendor. Generally, the following materials may be combined in different proportions and ways for the different areas to be cleaned: vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, liquid soap, detergent, and water. These products are low in chemicals and less harsh on surfaces, the air you breathe, and your skin.


Use of cabinet cream would relieve the cabinets of any oil or substances that might have settled on it and would bring out the natural beauty that has been dulled. Creams that clean well, give deeper color, goes on easy, wipes off easy, and smells good while producing a beautiful sheen and leaving no residue would be perfect. There are many types of creams but you want to ensure that you get adequate information about the choice you make. You can start by reading reviews on the internet.

Counter tops

Professionals have recommended getting countertops sealed once annually. Doing this especially during the spring cleaning may be a good idea. This way, the dirt does not have direct contact on the cabinets and any spills are easily wiped off during regular cleaning.


Wipe both inside and outside of your windows. A simple home made window cleaner can be made by combining 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of water. Put the mixture in a container that allows you to easily spray your windows for a great shining look. Window cleaning on a day that the sun is not so high could achieve better result because you can thoroughly clean before the cleanser gets dried up. If you find the need to use a ladder to reach high places – make sure you use safe practices (never over reach, avoid stepping on highest step, and have someone hold the base for safety).


You may need to do more than the regular cleaning of the fridge. This time, you may want to remove all the items in the fridge for a few minutes for a proper cleaning. Do not forget to switch off the fridge. Pull out all interior shelving and wash them in warm soapy water and also wash the inside of the fridge. After this, you could use a light mist of wax-based aerosol spray to wipe the aluminum outside body for a beautiful sheen.


Clean with mixture of baking soda, white vinegar and water. Remove racks and clean separately.

Wood Floors

You do not want to wreck your beautiful floor. To continue to maintain the beauty, do not use hard chemicals. A little vinegar mixed with olive oil and water to mop the floor and dry immediately would be a great.


A proper vacuum of your bedroom and all area with carpets will do. It is advised that you bring in a professional to clean the areas that have heavy traffic and any area that appears dirty.

Tiled Surfaces

The use of baking soda mixed very well with water can be used as a home-made cleaner. Soak the surface in your kitchen and bathroom for a few minutes and wipe with a small towel. You may consider using the services of a professional for tough stains.

Washing machine

With a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and water; scrub with a sponge. The baking soda naturally breaks up mineral deposits and any mold growth while cleaning and refreshing your washing machine. Use a clean scrubber to rub around the opening of washing machine to remove stubborn mold or residue. Wipe clean with fresh water.

Painted Walls

Spot cleaning your walls with a cloth or sponge and water mixed with little dish washing liquid may be all that’s necessary. For tougher stains a little spot paint touch up may be needed.

You may also consider cleaning these items during your spring cleaning routine:

  • Your broom

  • Area rugs

  • Book shelves

  • Upholstered furnishings

  • Wooden furniture

  • Metal door

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