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Holiday Safety

Tis the season for family, friends, food and cheer! While enjoying the holidays, it is also extremely important to keep safety top of mind.

Unfortunately, statistics show that home incidents including fires and electrical accidents increase during winter months. 

Here are a few tips and reminders for maintaining a safe home and ensuring the holiday season goes with as little home incidents as possible.

Snow and Ice a. Ensure walks are promptly cleared of snow and ice. b. Purchase and use plenty of sand/salt for the task.c.    See our blog entry on Snow & Ice for more information  

Staying Warm d. Before lighting any fire, remove all greens, boughs, papers and other decorations from fireplace area. Check to see that the flue is opene. Never burn wrapping papers in the fireplace. A flash fire may result as wrappings ignite suddenly and burn intensely.f. Do not use your gas fireplace if the glass panel is removed, cracked, or broken, and only allow a qualified service person to replace fireplace parts.g. If you must use a space heater, plug it directly into a wall outlet, not into an extension cord or power bar. Give it lots of room (at least 1 m/3 feet of space on all sides) and turn it off before leaving the room or going to sleep.

Decorations and Holiday Lighting h. Use extra caution with holiday decorations! When possible, choose those made with flame-resistant, flame-retardant and non-combustible materials. i. Keep candles away from decorations and other combustible materials, and do not use candles to decorate Christmas trees. j. Before using lights outdoors, check labels to be sure they have been certified for outdoor use. When hanging outdoor lights, keep electrical connectors off the ground and away from metal rain gutters. Use insulated tape or plastic clips instead of metal nails or tacks to hold them in place. l. Turn off all lights when you go to bed. The lights could short out and start a fire.

Cooking Safety m. Don’t leave grilling, frying or broiling unattended.n. Keep cooking surfaces clutter-freeo. Don’t cook while inebriated; Order in if intoxicated; Order in if intoxicated

Going on Vacation p. Use your home burglar alarm system. q. Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave the houser. If you plan to travel for the holidays, don’t discuss your plans with strangers. s. Consider putting indoor and outdoor lights on an automatic timer.t. Consider leaving a radio or television on so the house looks and sounds occupiedu. Have a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home.

Wishing the best of holidays and the happiest New Year to all!! From Trikor Builders

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