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Spring 2016 Parade of Homes

"Welcome to the 2016 Spring Parade of Homes, the largest and best Parade of Homes anywhere in Canada. The Manitoba Home Builders' Association is proud to present this year's version of our annual showcase of new homes. March is an exciting time of year because it means that spring is just around the corner. The new neighbourhoods throughout our city and province come to life with these fabulous new homes. We are proud and delighted to showcase 32 different builders who will be presenting 123 homes in 30 unique and different neighbourhoods. These selections represent the absolute best In design and construction in Manitoba and, for that matter, Canada. The skilled craftsmanship that goes into each new home will be evident during your visit. We take great pride in the statement that Manitoba nevi homes are the best built homes in the country.

MHBA member builders appreciate the importance of your decision to purchase a new home. That is why they encourage Parade visitors to look carefully at each detail, to talk to the sales agents and return for additional visits. Our builders want to ensure that you are matched with the home that is perfect for your life situation and family for years to come. We believe that this year's selection of new homes offers the right design and the right location for everyone. Be sure to visit as many homes as possible to take full advantage of the Parade.

We are again pleased to be able to present an interesting and entertaining feature to the Spring Parade of Homes. In this magazine, you will find a Parade Passport. Simply cut out the Passport, visit homes built by 10 different builders any week from Monday through Thursday, get them to stamp your Passport and enter for a chance to win a seven-day Norwegian Getaway Cruise for two adults that includes a $50 US onboard credit. If you've ever wondered who decides which homes win the various awards, you're about to know. You do. Simply bring your smart phone with you as you visit the Parade homes and you can cast your vote to rate each new home. It's quick, it's easy, its confidential and you can check the final results to see if others voted like you. Pick the winners at this year's Spring Parade of Homes. Manitoba's new home construction industry is ready for the spotlight during the Parade. MHBA member builders and suppliers keep abreast of the latest technology, trends and techniques to ensure that your new home offers affordability, quality and choice. There has never been a better time to purchase a new home. Enjoy the 2016 Spring Parade of Homes and thank you for visiting."

Mike Moore, President - Manitoba Home Builders' Association

You are welcome to come and visit Trikor's Spring 2016 Parade entry

at 14 Donna Wyatt - Crocus Meadows (Winnipeg).

Also contact us to ask about other homes that are available for viewing like the Sunnyside in Castlebury Meadows (Winnipeg) or the Matthew in Stone Ridge Meadows (Stonewall).

Phone: 204-663-3818 or Email:

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