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Why Hire a Designer?

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Designers don't just make things pretty! The help you translate your vision into a design that maximizes the functional use of space, desired resources and budget!

Trikor is partnered closely with Design Shop Interior Design to offer our customers a design experience that ensures the home they move into is not only functional, but also has a well thought out floor plan and that the materials palette is tailored to individual clients.

Design Shop believes that the floor plan is the bones to the home. It supports how one lives and can behaves as an extension to you + your families' lifestyle. Interior Design has the ability to dictate the way you engage in your space, how you engage with it and how you express your personality.

Design Shop offers a range of Interior Design services, from "doing it all" in a full scope new construction or renovation project to the one time colour / paint consultation.

The Design Shop does not only help in the development of new homes, but is also available to help with your current home. Interior design services can include: space planning, material + finishes selection (interior + exterior), custom millwork + cabinetry detailing, furniture selection, plumbing + lighting selection to staging + styling and then some!

Approachable, accessible + adorable...This team brings a fresh approach and voice to the Interior design experience while building your Trikor home!

Be sure to check out Design--Shop on facebook or their website!!

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